Boat Lift Motor Solar Panel Stand (Heavy Duty)

Boat Lift Solar Panel Stand

STOP:  This product is NOT sold separately! This Product ONLY works with Lift Marine Solar Chargers. Please select a Lift Marine Solar Charger when adding this product to cart.

The Boat Lift Motor Solar Panel Stand(Dual/Large Panels) fits all Lift Marine Solar Panels. Sizes include: (Single 30w-12v), (Single 30w-24v), or (Dual 5w-12v Panels), (Dual 10w-12v Panels), (Dual 15w-12v Panels), (Dual 20w-12v Panels), (Dual 20w-24v Panels) or any combination of (Dual 5w-20w Size Panels)

Our Boat Lift Solar Panel Stand are simply the easiest, cleanest, and STRONGEST on the market! Our Mounting Arms are made from much thicker and stronger aluminum than all other brands. Most companies use left over pontoon railing or thin conduit pipe which easily breaks or bends in high winds. Our Boat Lift Solar Panel Stand are GUARANTEED to withstand high winds & storms even with larger 20w+ size solar panels! All anodized aluminum construction prevents rust and matches the look of your boat lift.