Boat Lift Motor 12 Volt DC - Solar Panel Kit - 10 Watts

Lift Marine provides a diverse selection of easy to install, do it yourself Solar Panel Boat Lift Kits for DC 12v & 24v lift motors.  Kits come complete and ready to install with a solar panel, mounting hardware and choice of battery tray.  

Our Solar Panels are made from high quality and most efficient Mono-Crystalline Solar Cells that also provide a clean uniform look.  Each panel is enclosed in a screw-less anodized aluminum frame with a tempered glass cover.  This 20-watt panel can be used with 12v  battery systems. Battery tray design requires a canopy frame and easily hooks onto the horizontal side rail while resting against the canopy leg to keep it from swinging freely.

This design keeps your batteries higher and out of the way. 



  • Durable and Powerful
  • High Efficient Mono-Crystalline Solar cells
  • Anodized Aluminum frame
  • Blocking Diode and Junction Box
  • Panel Lifetime rated at 20+ years
  • Anti Reflective & Tempered Glass